Indoor Camping

Indoor Camping Info

  • CAMPING: Indoor camping is allowed in the camping area(s) ONLY during the Event. No camping will be allowed before doors open or after doors close at 10:00 am Monday morning. Although there is a large amount of space available, camping is subject to availability on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Get to show early to ensure a camping spot. There will be NO refunds or discounted tickets if the camping area fills up.
  • SUNDAY CAMPING: Camping will be allowed on Sunday. However, we ask that campers be packed up and loaded-out no later than 10:00 am on Monday morning so we can begin to clean up the venue.
  • NOISE IN CAMPING AREA: We realize how long a music festival can be without sleep so there will be NO music in the camping area. Stages will be located in separate rooms to allow people the ability to sleep.
  • TENTS: All tents must be made of FIRE RESISTANT MATERIAL. All tents entering the building will be inspected for CPAI-84 compliance. Tents manufactured in the United States are required be CPAI-84 compliant and must be labeled (package or tag) to indicate such. If you purchased your tent in the U.S. it is most likely CPAI-84 compliant. Please check your tent in advance to make sure it is labeled CPAI-84 compliant. If it is not you will not be allowed to bring it inside the building. Obviously since we are indoors you can not stake your tents down. The floor is concrete. However, there should be no need for stakes since there is no wind, etc..
  • TENT SIZE: Since we are indoors we must try to save room. We are asking that all tents be SMALL in size. Large tents will only be permitted if there are enough people in your party and sleeping in the tent to fill the tent. We want to make sure we maximize use of space in the camping area so as many people as possible are able to camp. This is why we are asking that you do not bring a large tent unless it is absolutely necessary to accommodate the size of your party. If your tent is too big for your party and the camping are fills up you will be asked to take your tent down.
  • RESTROOMS: There are two large restrooms onsite (one in the camping area and one in the music hall area).
  • SHOWERS: There are NO showers onsite.